Paradox Rift —  Pokémon’s Newest Set at Gamers Grove

Paradox Rift release is upon us! Join the Gamers Grove Pokémon community as we enter a Standard full of time-shifted paradox Pokémon. In this blog post, Stewart updates you on the newest Pokémon product, events, and a few new cards to keep an eye on.


Paradox Rift is on Sale Now!

Shows Elite Trainer Boxes, Build & Battle Kits, and Booster Boxes

If you’re looking for Paradox Rift product look no further! We have:

  • Booster Boxes ($124.99) - Comes with 36 booster packs!
  • Elite Trainer Boxes ($49.99)- Comes with 9 booster packs, card sleeves, damage dice, coins, and a full art promotional card.
  • Build & Battle Kits ($21.99)- A 40 card pre-made deck and 4 booster packs.
  • Single Packs ($4.49)- A single booster pack of 10 Pokémon cards with one guaranteed rare.

Paradox Rift Legality

To ensure players of all levels have time to gain access to new Paradox Rift cards and decks, Paradox Rift is not legal for in-store events until November 17th. This gives you plenty of time to grab some booster packs and get into the fun of the new set.

Pokémon League Challenge Every Month!

As a reminder, the first Saturday of EVERY month is a Pokémon League Challenge! This means we’re awarding Play! points for participation and Challenge points according to tournament placement. For more information about League Challenges, check out this article.

In addition to pack-per-win prizes and point prizes, we at Gamers Grove will also sometimes raffle off cool Pokémon product like dice bags, card binders, and more! So, keep on the lookout for fun extras when you come to these League Challenges.

Our Pokémon League Challenges bring folks in from all over the Houston area, so these are also great events to attend if you like to trade with fellow Pokémon players.

New Exciting Cards from Paradox Rift

Paradox rift brings Pokémon from the ancient past and distant future to our current time! Experience temporal whiplash as you duel with Pokémon from all over the timeline. Some of the most interesting cards from the set:

Roaring Moon ex card and Iron Hands ex card on a pink background

  • Roaring Moon EX - Hey it’s Salamence! WRONG, it’s Roaring Moon, the ancient Pokémon that will eventually evolve over time into the Salamence we know and love. Check out that first ability, it just K.O.s an opposing Pokémon on the spot, no questions asked.
  • Iron Hands EX - Gone are the days of slowly working through Lost Box’s single prize Pokémon. Iron Hands EX is here to speed things up by letting you take extra prize cards. And against Pokémon EX or V, this thing lets you take THREE prize cards.

Wrapping Up

Paradox Rift has the whole community buzzing with excitement as new cards and decks work their way into the evolving Standard metagame. I want to remind you that every Saturday (except the first Sat of each month which is reserved for Challenges) at 6:30pm we have a casual Pokémon league event with $5 buy-in and pack-per-win prizing.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in person, on social media, or in our Discord. In the Discord you can ask questions directly to staff members, make product requests, and coordinate with fellow gamers.

Until next time, thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the Grove.


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