About us

Gamers Grove is a local game store in Huntsville, Texas. We are a family business run by a father and daughter team and have been in business since 2012. 

Our goal is to provide a friendly environment where people of all types can come to play tabletop games, make friends and become part of our ever-growing community. We strive to provide the best service and most welcoming atmosphere. 

Gamers Grove carries a wide range of tabletop games and accessories, including board games, collectible card games, role-playing games, miniature war games and more. Our gaming area has seating for up to 72 players for large tournaments and has dedicated miniature tables with terrain.  Visit our Events Page for up to date event information.

We ship our products throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on fast & accurate order processing and proper packaging to protect your products while in transit. Most orders are shipped within one business day and preorders are shipped as early as allowed by the manufacturer.