Get Energized with Modern Horizons 3 At Gamers Grove

Modern Horizons 3 is finally here! The third set in a series of meta-shaking and decklist-quaking releases, Modern Horizons 3 comes out this weekend on June 7th, 2024. Within it are a plethora of new themes, fun riffs on old cards, and fresh card designs straight from WOTC headquarters. Let’s get into what Modern Horizons 3 has in store for Gamers Grove.

Modern is Back on the Menu!

Much like every Magic: The Gathering format, Modern waxes and wanes in popularity. After a huge surge in play after the release of Modern Horizons 2, the format took a back seat as Pioneer, Standard, and other games like Pokémon TCG and Star Wars: Unlimited enjoyed their time in the sun. But with the new and exciting Modern Horizons 3, Modern is back on the schedule! Look for weekly events every Friday at 6:30pm starting June 21st. Play with new cards, new friends, and a fresh and unexplored metagame. Game on!

Modern Horizons Prereleases and Draft

Wanna get a head start collecting some of the new Eldrazi or energy cards? Then come on down to prerelease for Modern Horizons 3 on June 7th at 7pm or on June 8th at 5:30pm. In these fan-favorite events you get to build a deck on the fly from 6 packs of Modern Horizons 3 and a special promo card! Then we all play a casual tournament with MH3 pack prizes to try out all the innovative new cards.

Once you’ve gotten a hold of the limited format, Gamers Grove is holding a Modern Horizons 3 draft on June 14th! Draft cards 1-by-1 from three passing packs with 6-7 other players as you try to build the best deck possible. Then enjoy a casual event with MH3 pack prizes just like the prereleases. The last two Modern Horizons sets had wonderful and deep limited environments, so you don’t wanna miss out!

What Themes are in MH3?

Modern Horizons 3 is a veritable smorgasbord of powerful and flavorful new cards. While it contains many themes, a few stand out:

  • Eldrazi are back! Ulamog, Kozilek, and Emrakul herself have returned with brand new cards and the scariest broodings we’ve seen yet. From exile-based deck manipulation to disgustingly powerful over-the-top Eldrazi effects, lovers of colorless eldritch horror are in for a treat.

  • Energy has infiltrated Modern Horizons 3 with a ton of novel cards juicing up the old energy cards from Aether Revolt and Kaladesh. If you miss spinning Aetherworks Marvel or playing with Rogue Refiner, Modern Horizons 3 has you covered. It’s all energy, all the time!

  • Flipwalkers have returned as well at extremely low mana costs. What if I told you there was now a 1 mana creature that flipped into a planeswalker… would you believe me? You better! This is the kind of awesome power in store for folks who want to play with their favorite planeswalker characters in Modern Horizons 3.

    Wrapping Up

    What a way to kick off the summer, huh? One of the strongest Magic sets of all time with so many incredible cards it’s hard to wrap your head around. The excitement in the community has been tangible and there are already so many experimental deck ideas floating around. Blue Tron? Eldrazi Tron? A Modern version of Aluren combo? The future is uncertain, but one thing is for sure: Modern is about to be the wild west! Thank you for reading and, as always, we’ll see you at the Grove.

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