Sundays are for Commander!

When people come into Gamers Grove and ask which Magic: The Gathering format they should get into, we always recommend Commander. This is partly due to the ease of entry due to the plethora of the official Commander pre-made decks we sell but also because of our fun and open-invite Commander events! If you’re interested in Magic or Commander at all, Gamers Grove is the place for you.

Friday Commander

Friday Night Magic (FNM) is a hallmark of game stores across the country and we’re no different! Friday events are paid events with an entry cost of $3.50. Players in this event are randomly paired into Commander pods and they play a game with one goal: to get as many eliminations as possible! Winning with “win the game” combos won’t earn you a pack here; you’ve got to eliminate your opponents. One Play Booster per kill, for just $3.50 entry.

Sunday Commander

If you’re turned off by the price on our Friday event, have no fear! Sunday Commander is more popular than Friday, is absolutely free to participate in, and even comes with fun door prizes! You might be asking yourself… what’s the catch? There is none! Gamers Grove just felt that we needed a free-play event for all our Commander patrons to enjoy every weekend. This is the day I always recommend new players to attend as almost every one of our regular players has multiple decks they’re more than willing to lend out to teach newcomers.

Sunday Commander has been a wonderful environment for testing new deck ideas, trying out pre-made decks, or just hanging out playing Commander while eating snacks and catching up with friends.

Magic Loyalty Program

Gamers Grove has loyalty programs in place for Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon. Both these programs have the same criteria: You get one stamp on a stamp card every time you attend a calendar event (link) for the game! Notably, this means for Magic you could get a stamp for Tuesday Standard, Friday Commander, Friday Standard, and Sunday Commander! That’s 4 stamps per week if you make every event. As you progress through your loyalty rewards cards, you’ll earn exclusive promos and even entire promo packs. This is one of many ways Gamers Grove says “thank you” to our awesome community. If you need a rewards card, you can grab one from the front counter next time you’re in the store.

Sunday Rewards

Not only do we have the loyalty card system, but we also like to reward consistent attendance to our free Sunday Commander events. For every six Sundays you check in to the event, you’ll get $5 store credit immediately added to your Gamers Grove account! Additionally, if we do any door prizes or drawings we tend to do them during Sunday Commander events.

How to Get into Commander

Getting into Commander super easy. First, come up to the Grove on Sunday and either buy a pre-made deck and some sleeves or borrow a deck from a friend. For our pre-made decks, Magic tends to make new decks every set release, so we have a good selection in a variety of colors and playstyles. There’s no one “correct” way to play Magic so go with whatever speaks to you!

Then you can grab some games, get credit for showing up on a Sunday, and get your loyalty card stamped!

If you enjoy the game, then you can keep coming back. You and yours are invited to come play Commander any time the store is open, but Sunday is the big day everyone shows up on!

Wrapping Up

Commander is one of, if not the, most popular games we have at Gamers Grove. The community around it is thriving, our Sundays are always busy, and you’re invited to join us as we sling spells, raise zombies, and jam awesome typal decks all day! To coordinate with our players feel free to join our official Gamers Grove Discord server or just come hang out any Sunday. Thanks for reading and, as always, we’ll see you at the Grove.

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