Warhammer 40K Summer League 2021

It’s an exciting summer for Warhammer players, and here at Gamers Grove that is no different! We’re kicking off the return of in-store Warhammer 40K play with our Summer 2021 League. If you’re a WH40K player and excited to play your army, show off that sweet paint job and meet other WH40K players, read on to learn more!



What is the League?

If you’re unfamiliar with league play, here’s a quick rundown. A league is an ongoing weekly event that lasts a set number of weeks, wherein players who sign up and participate organize to play a match every week with another player in their league. At the end of a league, weekly victory points are tallied to determine the victor!

So, how does our Warhammer 40K league work? 

Our Summer 2021 Warhammer 40K League here at Gamers Grove will run for six weeks, from July 6th, 2021 through August 15th, 2021.  Each week, pairings will be posted in the WH40K section on the Gamers Grove Discord server, and players will have six days to play a match with their assigned opponent. Pairings will be posted a few days before the start of the game week to allow you to organize with other players. Do note that in the league, players are expected to schedule a time with their opponents to play their game! If you sign up to play with us in the Summer 2021 League, be sure to keep an eye on Discord.


What are the Rules?

We want to be flexible to allow players just getting into WH40K to participate in the League and make veteran players feel welcome. With that in mind, matches will use the 1,000 point¹ Incursion rules² found in the Grand Tournament 2021 Approved Mission Pack book. However, both matched players may agree to use the 2,000 point Strikeforce rules³ if they desire! This ensures that new players who haven’t assembled a 2,000 point army yet can play with us while allowing players with large armies to use their favorite units.

¹—Point values for 2021 can be found in the Chapter Approved Munitorum Field Manual 2021 MK II

²—Incursion rules can be found starting on page 14 of the Chapter Approved Grand Tournament 2021 Mission Pack

³—Strikeforce Rules can be found starting on page 36 of the Chapter Approved Grand Tournament 2021 Chapter Mission Pack


How Do You Enter? How Much Is Entry?

If you’re interested in playing, come see us at the store! You can register at the front counter and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the League or play! You’re also welcome to register online at https://bit.ly/40k-summer.

Entry into the League is free when you purchase the Chapter Approved 2021 Mission Pack for $36 + tax. You’ll need this book for both this League and other tournaments or events in the future. However, you can still enter without purchasing the book for a one-time entry of $15. Click here to purchase your entry today!

Where Will You Find Opponents?

With in-store play returning, we’re looking to grow the Gamers Grove community by ramping up activity on our Discord server! Once you join, you can message any of the store staff to verify your identity and permit you to view the server’s channels. From there, you’ll be able to access match pairings that will be posted weekly, discuss your favorite games with other players and hear about new events and sales before anyone else!

You can download the Discord app on the Apple or Google Play store for mobile, as well as the desktop app on Discord’s website for your desktop computer.


What Can You Win?

You’re likely wondering what you might win for playing in the League, and of course, we’re planning to give away some great prizes! We’re awarding Games Workshop accessories and supplies, including figure cases and more! The final prize pool depends on how many players participate in the League, so you can look forward to a more detailed announcement during the first week of the League.


And that’s all there is to it! It’s been a long year and a half, and we’re excited to see so many players returning to the store to game together. The Summer 2021 WH40K League is just the beginning of Warhammer at Gamers Grove, and we look forward to seeing you battling it out with your armies every week!