A Glimpse at Age of Sigmar's New Edition

It has been nearly six years since Warhammer Age of Sigmar launched, introducing Warhammer fans to a reimagining of what classic Warhammer Fantasy could be. Games Workshop fictionally destroyed the world and setting of the original Warhammer to make way for its successor, a fitting end to a world of unending conflict.

Now, the third edition of Age of Sigmar is set to arrive July 3rd. Third edition is being noted as the "best version of the game, yet!" In addition to Dominion, a two-player starter set, this release also includes the Core Book and much more.

Are you ready? You bet you are!

What's New in Third Edition?


Okay, not everything. But the core rules have been completely rewritten with the goal of creating the most accessible, easily explained rules ever. Plus, my personal favorite thing less downtime. Even when it is your opponents turn, there are new command abilities you can use in your opponent’s turn to stall their initiative.

Command Ability - Redeploy

The Core Book has a new layout to help you stop reading the rules and start rolling the dice. Numbered sections for easy reference, notes for key sections for further clarification, and margin notes to help find information faster are just some of what we have seen so far.

New ways to build your army and play means that we will be ready to jump into organized play at Gamers Grove soon after the release. Don’t worry your existing Battletome will still be used with the new rules. Look for more announcements of our in-store Age of Sigmar events in early July.

 Age of Sigmar Core Book

The Dominion Box Set

Jump into Age of Sigmar with the new Dominion box set. Perfect for new or veteran players to start collecting the newest edition, this box comes with a whopping 60 Models—21 Stormcast Eternals and 39 Kruleboyz Orruks. Kruleboyz Orruks are the new breed of foes in the Mortal Realm and are only available in Dominion.  In addition to the models, this set includes everything to start playing:

Exclusive Launch Edition of the Core Book (Hardback)
24- Page booklet to get started
14 Warscroll Cards
2 Allegiance Abilities Cards


 Stormcast Eternal models from Dominion Kruleboyz Orruk models from Dominion


Also Available July 3rd

While the Dominion set and Core Book are the most noteworthy, you won’t want to miss out on these other products.

  • General's Handbook (Pitched Battles & Profiles 2021)
    Includes updates for pitched battle games, warscrolls for endless spells, new battleplans, and a simplified version of the core rules of the game.
  • Path to Glory Diary
    A journal to keep track of your army’s growth in the completely redesigned Path to Glory system.
  • Realmscape Objective Set - Dawnbringer Crusade settlement
    Includes six scenery pieces that can be used to mark objectives during your games.
General's Handbook 2021 Path to Glory Journal Realmscape Objective Markers
  • Realmscape: Ghurish Expanse
    A pair of reversible fold-out gaming boards that that swamplands on one side and arid wasteland on the other. Sized just right for the new recommended sizes of matched play.
  • Combat Gauge
    Take crucial measurements quickly and easily.
  • New Citadel Base Paints in Orruk Flesh, Hobgrot Hide, and Thondia Brown
    Just the colors you need for the new orruks.
Realmscape battle board  Combat Gauge Citadel base paints


These new products will be available for preorder starting June 19th and they release on July 3rd. With in-store play returning here at Gamers Grove, we are also rallying our loyal customers to our new Discord, which we will use as a staging ground for upcoming events and to find opponents to battle with across the many games our players enjoy.  While we are starting our Warhammer 40,000 League, if you play Age of Sigmar, stay tuned to see what the coming weeks bring! And as always, you can preorder new releases online or come visit us to preorder in-store.

More information is being released daily over on the Warhammer Community website. 

Until next time, may yours be the last army standing.





(Photos courtesy of the Warhammer Community website.) 

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