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Mariposas is a strategic movement and set collection game that follows the migratory journey of multiple generations of Monarch butterflies from Mexico up the Eastern Coast and back down to the start over three seasons. Mariposas is designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, who also designed Wingspan, with art by Indi Maverick.

 Mariposas Box Cover

Mariposas is easy to learn yet full of strategy and is a great pick for gamers at any skill level. Supporting 2 to 5 players and with a playing time at right about an hour, Mariposas is a great game to bring home for the holidays and to your next game night.  With an array of different and changing victory conditions, the replay value of this game is high.

Mariposas Board

During your turn, play one of your action cards and move as described on that card. When you land on a flower, you receive the corresponding token. If you land next to a milkweed symbol, you can reproduce and add an additional butterfly to the board. And when you land on the waystation, you can collect a card from the waystation board which provides additional victory points. You will have 4 turns in the spring, 5 turns in the summer, and 6 turns in the fall to reproduce the next generations of butterflies and collect points based on that season’s victory condition card. The player with the most points after all three seasons is the winner.

The components for Mariposas are colorful and made to last through the many times you play the game. Also included are plastic storage containers for the flower tokens that fit perfectly in the box.

Mariposas Butterflies   Mariposas - Victory Cards  Mariposas - Action Cards

Mariposas - Waypoint Cards   Mariposas - Flower Tokens   Mariposas - Waypoint Board

Chelsea’s thoughts –
I am excited to bring this game to game night. Mariposas checks a lot of boxes for me: it is easy to jump into, the pieces are well made, and I am not fighting for space on the board or resources. The different season’s goal not being revealed until the start of that season kept me on my toes and gave me a chance to try to sneak in a few extra points.

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Written by: Chelsea Bollinger
Photo Credit: @ApplesandApostates

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