Thanksgaming 2023

Gamers Grove is proud to announce Thanksgaming; a charitable event held right here in Huntsville, TX! Join us for a day of fun and games while supporting local charity SAAFE House with non-perishable donations.


As the holidays draw near, we at Gamers Grove find ourselves thankful for our local Huntsville, TX community. Without all of you, we couldn’t be here hosting Pokémon tournaments, Magic qualifiers, Warhammer leagues, or D&D campaigns. To thank all of you for your support and to get us all into the spirit of giving, Gamers Grove is throwing an all-new event: Thanksgaming!


What Is Thanksgaming?

Thanksgaming is an all-day event at Gamers Grove with loads of tabletop gaming events and raffle prizes! Throughout the day we’ll have tournaments for Pokémon, Flesh and Blood, Warhammer: Combat Patrol, and One Piece TCG! Check out the schedule below!

Thanksgaming Event Line up


Lorcana is here!

In addition to the above events, we’ll also be officially kicking off our first ever Lorcana league! If you missed the news a few weeks ago, Gamers Grove is now an OFFICIAL Lorcana store! This means we’re guaranteed sealed product, troves, and promotional materials for our league. Be sure to check out this blog post for a more comprehensive breakdown of what this all means. For now, though, we’ll be giving thanks alongside our new Lorcana league!



How To Join the Raffle

To join our raffle, bring donations for the local charity SAAFE House. For an idea of what kind of donations we’re looking for, check out SAAFE House’s Amazon Wishlist. We request than any edible goods have expiration dates later than March of 2024. Everyone who enters the raffle will receive a custom Thanksgiving themed Treasure token and a pack of six 6-sided dice! Then, from the raffle drawing, you can win many things including: a metal dice set, a poster-sized Pokemon card, the board game Exploding Minions, and more!

 Thanksgaming Donation Gift


What is SAAFE House?

SAAFE stands for Sexual Assault & Abuse Free Environment. This non-profit organization’s mission is to be a haven for all people who experience any form of abuse. They offer residence to women and children who need a safe environment but also extend outreach programs for those in more stable living situations. While their residence is for women and children only, they support and work with men who suffer from abuse as well.

Their message is simple: assault and abuse are never the fault of the victim and you do not have to deal with trauma alone. If you or a loved one is currently or has been in a situation you think SAAFE House should be involved in, please visit their website here or call them at 1-833-858-6265.

Winding Down

Gamers Grove hopes you will join us for a fun evening full of games, events, and prizes while supporting local women and children. Your patronage is cherished, your donations are welcome, and our doors are always open (during store hours!). Thanks for reading, we’ll see you at the Grove.

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