Gamers Grove Pokémon Update: We're Evolving!

February 2024 is the beginning of a whole new world for Pokémon players at Gamers Grove! From learn-to-play events to Pokémon Cups, enjoy a spectrum of new and fun ways to engage with your favorite game.


When Gamers Grove started hosting Pokémon events last year, they were small 4-6 player affairs. Now we regularly have 20+ players at our monthly League Challenges and have become officially eligible to host Pokémon Cups! In this blog post, I want to introduce all the ways you can engage with the game and community here in Huntsville, Texas.

Wednesday Night Pokémon (Learn to Play!)

Every Wednesday at 6pm we host a 3-round casual Pokémon TCG event. These Wednesday night get-togethers are the perfect way for prospective players, curious parents, and young trainers to get their foot in the door with the community. Our local players love teaching the game! Entry is $6 per player but don’t feel pressured to play in the event, it’s totally fine to just show up, learn to play, maybe trade some cards, and meet everyone.

Ditto Draft

Once a month we host an event where you build a deck on the fly! You get 4 packs, pass them around with your fellow players, and try to construct a deck as you go. It’s a fun and challenging way to play that really helps you see every card in a new set.

Saturday League Tournaments

For players who are looking for a more competitive experience, Saturday League Tournaments fit the bill! These casual-competitive events are more structured than Wednesday night Pokémon but don’t let that discourage you! Playing in Saturday League Tournaments means you can get special promotional packs only available for these higher-level events in addition to normal prizing. Also, the entry fee is the same! Just $6.

Booster Pack Deals Ad.  3 for $12.50 or 6 for $24.

Monthly Pokémon League Challenges

On the first Saturday of every month, the usual League Tournament is replaced with a League Challenge. League Challenges are similar to League Tournaments except they tend to draw a larger crowd because you can earn up to 15 Pokémon Championship Points. These points, once enough are accrued, qualify you for larger events like the World Championship!

Pokémon League Cups

Cups are basically League Challenges but BIGGER! They offer more prizes, attract more players, and most importantly offer up to 50 Championship Points! League Cups are for players who are pursuing invitations to the World Championship or who desire one of the hardest challenges a trainer can face! We're hosting our first ever cup this coming weekend on Feb 10th, grab your tickets here!


Have you ever wished you could try out some new cards before you buy a booster box? Then prereleases are for you! Every participant gets a pre-built deck with a few packs of an upcoming set to upgrade it with before playing a small casual tournament. These events are wonderful for new players and give folks a chance to try before they buy! Our next one is in mid- March (these have to be planned around releases for new sets) so keep an eye out on our website for the date and entry fee. 

Join the Community!

Gamers Grove is partnered with the Huntsville, Texas Pokémon Club! If you’re into Pokémon video games, the card game, or any other facet of the franchise then feel free to hop into the official Club Discord.

If you’re looking for a more in-person experience, all the above events are welcome to Pokémon players of any age or level. You can always stop by the shop or join the Gamers Grove Discord if you have any questions or want to introduce yourself!

Thanks for reading and, as always, we’ll see you at the Grove.