Munchkin Booty

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    Munchkin Booty brings the greatest gold gatherers in history - pirates! - to the hilarious card game series. Use your Silver Long Johns to beat the Lobster Mobster, drink your Demon Rum to fight off the Viking Kittens, and defend yourself with the Cutlass (or Cutlad, for the gents) against the Prince of Whales. But watch out for Sharks! Plunder the seven seas as a Pirate, Naval Officer, or Merchant. Taunt your foes with your horrible Accent - British, Spanish, Dutch, or French. Equip your Half-Galleon with a Crow's Nest and Figurehead. But above all . . . level up! 168 cards, die, rules. Munchkin Booty is a stand-alone card game.

    Ages: 10+
    Playing Time: 90 minutes
    Players: 3 - 6

    Game Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Trading

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