Battle Mat: Big Book of Battle Mats Vol. 2

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    The Big Book of Battle Mats is a book of huge RPG battle maps for tabletop roleplay
    games. This lay flat book of wipe clean lay flat maps cover a wide range of fantasy
    settings. Ideal for use with Dungeons and dragons, Pathfinder and any other fantasy
    themed RPG.

    An RPG Map for any encounter at your fingertips in a book that travels with you.
    Opens to create huge RPG encounter maps. The maps are wipe clean and themed
    to be customisable and reusable to suit any encounter.

    The 360° spine allows the book to lay open flat or fold in half to fit smaller encounters
    or spaces. Adaptable for your requirements.

    Save game prep time and eliminate the need to draw maps on the spot! Just let the
    game flow!

    This book sparks the imagination and allows game masters to easily track

    With standard Entry/Exit points on key maps The Big Book of Battle Mats Volume 2
    is fully compatible with the Loke BattleMats® map book range and you can use two
    books together.

    • 60 Maps in a lay flat wipe clean book.
    • 360° spine allows the books to lie flat or fold completely in half
    • Play each map page individually or lay the book flat to play across the 2
    • complimentary opposing pages.
    • Time saver – reduces game prep time and no more drawing maps mid game.
    • Track tactical combat and immerse yourself in the adventure!


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