Star Wars: Unlimited at Gamers Grove

March is here and it’s brought us our newest trading card game: Star Wars: Unlimited. This game takes a refreshing player-first approach to its design and implements it alongside so many of your favorite Star Wars characters. After its release on March 8th, Star Wars: Unlimited will be a constant in Gamers Grove event calendars moving forward, so let’s get into it!

Star Wars Unlimited Crash Course

Star Wars: Unlimited games revolve around destroying your opponent’s base. Their base health is effectively their health and you should both try to keep your bases as healthy as possible.

But what’s a base without a commander? Each player has a hero card featuring a legendary Star Wars character such as Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. This hero card has special abilities and is extremely potent in combat so watch out!

Finally, there’s two fields of battle in Star Wars: Unlimited. On the right side of the table is your ground field, where you play cards and characters that fight planet-side. On the left side of the table is your space field, where you deploy spaceship cards and vie for aerial control of the battlefield!

This is a super rudimentary breakdown of the game, but hits the high points! If you’re interested in a more thorough introduction, head on over to the official Star Wars: Unlimited website where you can find the actual rules documents.

Star Wars Unlimited Events

There has been a TON of interest in Star Wars: Unlimited at the shop so Gamers Grove is taking strides to accommodate all our local Star Wars fans. Starting after March 8th, we’ll be adding a Star Wars: Unlimited casual tournament to the event calendar every Friday moving forward!

Entry will be $8 and we’ll be doing our standard 1 pack for 0-1 wins, an additional pack for every win after that, and one extra pack for the winner of the event!

Star Wars: Unlimited - Product Line Up

Accessories, Tokens, and More!

Star Wars: Unlimited involves the use of tokens to display abilities, track health, and to help players remember important abilities. These will be obtainable through Star Wars: Unlimited products like their pre-constructed decks but also through acrylic token sets available for purchase at the shop. Further, the creators of Star Wars: Unlimited designed special sleeves that always include one dual sided sleeve for your two-faced commander card.

Be sure to stop by Gamers Grove or check out our website to grab Star Wars: Unlimited deck boxes, play mats, tokens, and more!

Wrapping Up

Star Wars: Unlimited is a massively exciting game full of beloved characters, interesting gameplay, and the interest of many local players. If you’re looking for a community to enjoy Star Wars with, look no further! Gamers Grove is open to you and yours.

Thank you for reading, may the force be with you, and, as always, we’ll see you at the Grove.

Star wars unlimited