Friday Standard Tournament (1/1)
Magic: The Gathering

Entry Fee: $5

Start time: 6:30pm

Player Cap: 16

4 rounds (for 9 to 16 players, 3 rounds for less)

Preregistration is encouraged


Face masks are required while at Gamers Grove and must be worn

properly. Frequent hand washing is encouraged and hand sanitizer is available

around the store.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been exposed to

Covid-19, do not enter Gamers Grove.


New procedures are being implemented to help reduce the spread

of germs and allow for social distancing. If you have any concerns, please let

a staff member know.

4 wins - 5 booster packs

3 wins - 3 booster packs

2 wins - 2 booster packs

1 win - 1 booster pack

0 wins - 1 booster pack


*This prize pool is for 9 - 16 players and 4 rounds. If less

than 9 players, a revised prize pool will be announced.

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