Alien Frontiers & Alien Frontiers: Factions - Bundle

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    The Alien Frontiers board game involves resource management, dice allocation and the development of planets.

    Players place colony tokens on planets on the board, use their fleet to explore, and discover alien technologies that can help them further their colony building. If players can expand their own colony and successfully block the other players from expanding their own colonies, they can secure the win. To expand colonies, dice rolling and management are key along with strategic use of the technologies discovered.

    Factions includes everything you need to add a fifth player to Alien Frontiers, new Alien Tech cards that earn you Victory Points for completing hidden objectives, and individual Faction boards that give their owners an exclusive bonus as well as providing another facility that anyone can use...for a price. 

    2-5 Players
    Play Time 60-90 minutes
    Ages 14+

    5th Printing


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