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MTG Standard Tournament at Home (Arena) 5/30
Magic: The Gathering

Registration for this event ends at 6:45p (15 minutes prior to the event start time).


This tournament will be played on MTG Arena.

Format: Standard Constructed

Start Time: 7:00p

Entry is $5.00


Pairings will be provided in our discord ( discord.gg/v3se4NF )

as well as the round start & end time.

You will need to check in on the #at_home_tournament channel

15 minutes before this event's start time. If you have not

checked in by 10 minutes after start time, the event will start

without you and we are unable to add players after the

event starts.

This tournament will be using the direct challenge feature in

MTG Arena. Make sure your settings are: Traditional Standard, Best of 3, Coin

Flip, Timers on.


You will report your match results in the discord channel or through the Companion App

$5 store credit per player will be added to prize pool. Prize distribution will depend on number of entries.


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MTG Standard Tournament at Home (Arena) 5/30 ticket

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